Surface Solutions for Business

Transform your workplace by engaging Ozmarks Group to reduce the likelihood of accidents and injury by revitalising your asphalt and concrete surfaces. Our commercial team will guide you through the design and build process, and can finish with a maintenance program that keeps your surfaces safe and compliant with minimal disruption to your ongoing operations.  

Factory Marking

Keep your workers safe, your factory organised and compliant with occupational health and safety laws with highly visible factory line marking that physically separates people and machinery. Our long lasting line marking solutions can be applied to all surfaces, and are suitable for indoor and outdoor application. Learn More

Car Parking and Traffic Management

Create a positive first impression for your customers with a clean, well structured car park. Our car park and traffic management solutions can help you create an aesthetically appealing functional designs that achieve high density without sacrificing usability. Additional components can assist in physically restricting unwanted vehicles from valuable parking spaces. Learn More

Surface Treatments

Enhance the look, feel and utility of your surfaces with our protective, decorative and anti-slip surface treatments. Our surface treatment solutions come in a wide range of colours and textures, and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. Learn More

Maintenance Programs

Prolong the life of your surfaces by integrating an Ozmarks Group management program. Our programs are tailored to your organisations requirements and can prevent costly total reinstatement works and keep your facilities compliant with OH&S regulations by proactively monitoring, maintaining and repairing defects in in your surfaces. Learn More

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