Surface Treatments

From bus lanes to entrance ways.

Ozmarks Group can turn your generic surfaces into highly specialised surfaces that are fit for purpose. 

Our range of protective, decorative, anti-slip and high friction surface treatments can be applied to both asphalt and concrete.

The team will work with you to thoroughly understand your objectives and tailor the right solution for you.

Surface Treatments

How we can help you

High Friction Anti-Skid

Significantly reduce braking distances, increase grip and arrest out of control vehicles by applying a high friction anti-skid surface treatment system to known high risk areas. Our polish and abrasion resistant compound can be applied to existing road surfaces and is highly resistant to all road contaminates.

Decorative Surfacing

Create visually striking surfaces that enhance the look, feel and utility of your surfaces. With a wide range of natural and synthetic colours that can be applied, along with a variety of textures, Ozmarks Group decorative surface systems is environmentally friendly and is made from 100% recycled materials.

Road Coloured Surfacing

Ensure visibly safer colour delineation whilst maintaining high skid resistance in both wet and dry conditions on highly trafficked roadways. Our surfacing system is available in red, yellow and green, comprised of 75% recycled material and is an excellent method for increasing surface friction and visually separating pedestrian crossings, bus, taxi and transit lanes.

And More...

We can also supply and install waterproofing, resin car park surfaces, anti-slip coatings, protective sealants and much more.

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