line marking

Effectively guide and inform users

Line marks are critical components of road infrastucture that convey cruical information paramount to road safety and managing traffic congestion.

Whether you have a warehouse or a ten lane mega highway, its is vital that you have the right partner from the beginning working in collaboration so that you get it right the first time.

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Line Marking

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Available in both extruded molten thermoplastic or hot applied preformed thermoplastic, thermoplastic line marking is a long lasting solution for high and medium traffic roadways and car parks. With its highly reflective properties, thermoplastic has superior night time and wet performance. Additional safety measures can be achieved with raised ribs to create tactile and accoustic warnings.

line removal

Guarantee effective removal of redundant markings with our environmentally friendly removal systems including vacuum integrated high pressure water jet, dustless sand blasting, shot blasting and grinding. Through analysis of the surface and the line material, we will provide guidance on the correct method to safely remove your lines without damaging the surface. We can also temporarily hide lines by application of specialised colour matched road paint. 


Our high pressure airless sprayed paint is a cost effective line marking solution suited to roadways with low traffic, car parks, sporting courts and warehouses on both asphalt and concrete. We can spray a full range of colours and reflective beads can be added to the paint mixture to increase night time retroreflectivity. 

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We can also apply complementary stenciled icons, lettering, informative markings, raised reflective pavement markers, signage and much more.

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