traffic calming

Encourage safer, responsible driving

Through physical design, Traffic calming improves safety for drivers, pedestrians and cyclists by slowing, redirecting and guiding traffic.

By partnering with Ozmarks Group, we work with you to deeply understand your requirements, and build a bespoke solution so you can get it right the first time.

Traffic Calming

How we can help you

speed CUSHIONS and Islands

Speed cushions and traffic islands help lower the average speed of a vehicle travelling on a road by forcing the driver to slow down to navigate the device. Our unique rubber based systems allow for cost effective, rapid installation with minimal discomfort for the vehicles occupants whilst still being effective ins slowing traffic down.


Deter and restrict vehicles and pedestrians from entering areas with our bollard systems. We can supply and install a wide range of bollards including high security, retractable, collapsible and decorative bollards. 

wheel stops

Protect property from damage with our effective rubber wheel stops made from recycled rubber. Traditional concrete wheel stops can crack and cause significant damage to the underlying surface and vehicle when impacted. Rubber wheel stops mitigate this by absorbing the impact and distributing the load across the entire surface whilst still providing the same level of protection.

and more...

We can supply and install signage, lane seperators, tactile feedback devices, raised reflective pavement markers and much more.

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