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Ongoing maintenance of surfaces is critical to the longevity of surfaces. Without proactive monitoring and rectification of underlying root causes, the incidents that cause damage to the substructure of surfaces can sufficiently destroy the surface so that complete replacement is required.

Ozmarks Group solves this with innovative maintenance and management programs that keep surfaces compliant to a specified quality level rather than the traditional interval based maintenance programs. We identify and direct resources to the areas that need it most and resolve root causes, significantly reducing the impact to your users from recurring incidents.

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Management and Maintenance

How we can help you

Managed Maintenance ProgramS

Take the guess work out of managing your surface maintenance programs by partnering with Ozmarks Group. By combining our maintenance services into a structured program with a low monthly price, our managed maintenance programs will proactively keep your surfaces defect free, looking great and complaint with regulations.


Eliminate dangerous hazards and prevent further damage to your surfaces and vehicles. Ozmarks Group’s achieves fast and permanent repairs to potholes by using polymer modified cold asphalt that is instantly ready for traffic.

Retroreflectivity Testing

Ensure safety in low light conditions. Reflective coatings deteriorate over time, significantly reducing the amount of light they reflect back. Ozmarks Group can test and provide detailed reporting on your reflective assets.

Crack Sealing

Prevent the ingress of water and contaminates from severely damaging the substructure of your surface by effectively sealing existing cracks. Ozmarks Group specialised hot liquid polymer sealant effectively seals cracks whilst still allowing the surface to naturally expand and contract with environmental and traffic loads.

Surface Coating

Increase the lifespan of your surfaces and restore their original appearance with Ozmarks Group’s protective waterproof sealants. Our preventative sealants proactively protect the underlying substructure from liquid ingress and UV radiation, reducing the occurrence of cracking and associated structural deformities.

And More...

We can also provide surface sweeping and vacuuming, friction testing, surface quality and compliance auditing, line marking reinstatement, 

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